Gwen could not live without Identifyed on campus

It's 10AM and Gwen has just sprung out of bed and into the dorm room hallway. She's got to hustle if she is going to get a coffee before her 10:30 class. 

Halfway down the elevator she realizes she left her backpack in her dorm room. She goes back to her room, pushes her identifyed/phone against the NFC reader on the door and the door unlocks, Wow she thinks it's a good thing I have Identifyed app -- my old plastic ID is in my backpack.

She then grabbed the campus bus, checking in to the buses NFC tag with her Identifyed App. On the bus, Gwen returned a message from Van, her boyfriend, on Kornukopia’s 2-way messaging platform as well as checked her calendar, homework and grades in Kornukopia.

On her way to class she stopped by the cafeteria, she showed her Identifyed ID and the lady at the dining room scanned her QR code so that she could pay for her coffee.

Then off to class… As she slipped in the door, she brushed her phone against the NFC tag by the door and checked in to class. Her professor saw her check-in as her professor did attendance.

As Gwen sat in class, her boyfriend Van was at breakfast with their friend, Taj. Taj had an allergic reaction and needed medical assistance. Van hit the help me button (medical alert) on his Identifyed App and told them there was a medical emergency.  Medics checked Taj’s Identifyed App and found that he was allergic to peanuts, found peanut butter in his muffin and gave him a shot just in time.

Van then checked into the library with his Identifyed App and checked out some books with the QR code on his Identifyed App.

As Gwen was leaving class she and  her classmates saw someone in the quad threatening people. Quickly, they all reported the incident with their Identifyed App.


The Identifyed App reports of a threat had nearly reached the schools predefined threshold of reports within a certain timeframe and would have immediately sent out a school-wide lockdown. But officer Bob beat them too it, he saw the incident and he had the ability to send out a lockdown alarm and did so immediately.


Based upon the location threat reports and the time they were reported campus security knew right where to go. Gwen and Van’s Identifyed app sounded an alarm of lockdown and both of them went to shelters immediately.

After the incident, based upon Identifyed’s integrated check-in, attendance and location services campus security knew where each student was and made sure everyone was safe. They sent a second broadcast to ask everyone to check-in to a local check-in location so that they could account for everyone.

Well, it's time for lunch... more uses for Identifyed...

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