Ferris Loves Identifyed.

Today, Ferris woke up to his phone's alarm, it makes sense really because he never goes anywhere without his phone or tablet.

As he catches the school bus, he passes his identifyed/phone over the buses NFC tag and "checks-in" to the bus. His mom likes it when he does that because now she knows he got on the bus.

Ferris stopped by the cafeteria on his way to class, he showed his Identifyed ID and staff scanned his barcode so that he could pay for his donut and hot chocolate. His mom, Jeanie had made a cafeteria credit purchase on Kornukopia’s fee management platform, Fee.Education the day before.

As he slipped in the classroom door, he brushed his phone against the NFC tag by the door and checked in to class. Mr. Hall, his teacher saw his check-in as he did attendance.

Sloane needed to use the bathroom so their teacher Mrs. Featherbottom created a hall pass for Sloane which immediately showed on her ID and told her she had 5 minutes.


In the bathroom, Sloane saw her classmate, Sylvia was having an allergic reaction and needed medical assistance. Sloane hit the help me button on her Identifyed App and told the office there was a medical emergency and where. The nurse and security officer checked Sylvia’s Identifyed ID and found that she was allergic to peanuts and saved her life with a shot.

Sloane's brother Cameron has special needs and can wander off. Cameron did not report to his class. His lack of attendance sent an attendance confirmation to his mom through her Identifyed ID, who quickly responded that he had not been excused from school or class. 


Sally at the office caught the unexcused absence and used Identifyed location services along with the geo fencing services quickly identified Cameron’s location and he was sent an individual message to report to the office. A security officer was also sent to his location to help him back to school.

After class, Sloane then checked into the library with her Identifyed ID and checked out some books with the QR code on her Identifyed ID.

After class, Mrs. Featherby came out of the classroom because there was disturbance in the hall a few students were fighting, she quickly reported a threat and asked for faculty assistance. A  few faculty members and school security showed up immediately to help and quickly broke up the fight.

As Ferris was leaving class he and  his classmates saw strange adult in the school who was acting violently and threatening people. Quickly, they all reported the incident with their Identifyed ID.   The Identifyed ID system saw the reports of a threat had reached the schools predefined threshold of reports within a certain timeframe and immediately sent out a school-wide lockdown.


Based upon the location threat reports and the time they were reported school security knew right where to go. Sloane and Ferris’ Identifyed ID sounded an alarm of lockdown and both of them went to shelters for safety. It turned out to be no big deal, but  everyone was safe all the same.  


After the incident, based upon Identifyed’s integrated check-in, attendance and location services campus security knew where each student was and made sure everyone was safe. They sent a second broadcast to ask everyone to check-in to a local check-in location so that they could account for everyone.

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