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Kornukopia's social networking service provides students, instructors, parents and schools with tools that they need to communicate and learn every day.


At the same time, Social helps protect users and the schools reputation from the privacy risks of open legacy social networks.




should not be risky

Your school, your students, your data, your student's privacy, your school's privacy and everyone's reputation is protected with Kornukopia Social. 

With school verified authentication, encryption end-to-end and a guarantee that your data remains your data. Kornukopia Social protects your school and your students privacy and reputation today and far into the future. 


Not just pictures

Social comes with a whole suite of social tools for schools: 

1) School-wide Messages

2) Student Inbox/Outbox

3) Group Messages

4) Course & Group Message Boards

5) User Portfolios

6) User/User Chat

7) Group Chat

8) Group & User calendars


Easy Access
Easy to Use

Our suite comes in both HTML 5, IOS Apps and Android Apps so you have very easy to use very simple to deploy social networking tools for any campus.


Student portfolio

Students can share in their own world their message board, calendar, files, pictures, their location and provide access to messaging and chatting with them. No other social network platform provides a more robust integrated suite of tools.


Easily integrated into a full security suite.

Kornukopia's Identifyed product is the most robust and scalable security solution in the world today: 

  • Student ID

  • Custom Help Request

  • Emergency Broadcast

  • Integrated Smart Card

  • Location Services

  • Check-in Attendance

  • Operation Center

  • Custom Campus App

  • Content Management

  • Check-in/Check-out

  • Hall Pass

  • Reunification

  • Carline

  • Bus

  • Say Something

Integrated Calendar

Think of all the calendars on your campus! Each students calendar, every course, every team, the campus calendar, the club calendars and every other event or assignment that has to get done t his year. 

Social's calendar can provide the student with a very passive way of managing multiple events from one calendar and take assignment, course day and event feeds from courses,  school events and any group your users want to be a part of. ON the volleyball team? Join the volleyball group and your calendar is updated with all practices, games, meetings and events. It's that easy.



What there's more?

Yes, there's more and you can choose from a laundry list of other subsystems that can be added to your environment:

  • Grades

  • Course Management

  • Lesson Plans

  • Content Management

  • Volunteer Management

  • Discipline Management

  • Calendaring

  • So much more... Challenge us, I bet we have it!

Social helps you create a safer campus.



When Kornukopia developed Social (www.thesocialed.com; Kornukopia built it so schools can use it with our without Kornukopia's education  ecosystem.


We were so happy with the solution when we were done that we said: "Social needs to be it's own service!!! So, we offer Kornukopia Social as a stand alone solution as well as a solution that can be integrated into our complete ecosystem.

Kornukopia is the market leader in free cloud-based Education Management Platforms. Kornukopia was the first school-wide learning management system provided to schools in the cloud for free. We are now fulfilling our promise to the over 3,000 schools throughout the globe who have joined the revolution.

Learn more about kornukopia.com here.


Social will also work with Identifyed.com. Identifyed’s service provides students with tools that they need every day, so students use Identifyed every day…At the same time, Identifyed incorporates state-of-the-art security services that provide campuses with tools, systems and process that keep campuses safer. Based upon the fact that Social and Identifyed are so well suited to use as a campus suite we offer Identifyed PLUS which allows a campus to use identifyed with any and all of the Kornukopia Ecosystems Apps integrated directly into Identifyed! Learn more about identifyed.com here.

Sociably responsible





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